Mississippi Public Universities
Proposal Outline
Deadline to Submit: January 11, 2016
The Proposal Outline should be submitted in pdf format via email to Caron Blanton, cblanton@mississippi.edu and contain the following information:

Cover Page

(Maximum: One Page)

  • Name of Team
  • Team Members
  • Faculty Advisor
  • Faculty Advisor's Email Address
  • Logo and/or Tagline (Optional)

Executive Summary

(Maximum: 500 Words)

  • Provide a succinct overview of your business concept, articulating the benefits and outcomes of the proposed project, effectively and convincingly highlight the key points of the proposed project and including a strong summary introductory statement.

Business Plan & Social Impact

(Maximum: 5 pages, not including cover page or executive summary. Must be formatted with one-inch margins, single-spaced, and use Times New Roman, 12 point type.)

  • Business Model/Plan
    • Provide a concrete, detailed and realistic solution to the problem, including proposed management, a thorough market analysis, a strong financial plan and projected revenues. Demonstrate how the project can be sustained.
  • Social Impact
    • Demonstrate clearly defined goals and the strategies to communicate the goals to gain buy-in. Show evidence of workable delivery models to reach desired audiences and provide a meaningful way to measure the impact/outcomes of the project. Show evidence of assessment strategies.