Mississippi Public Universities
Finance and Administration
Human Resources Contact Information
Wanda C. Fleming
Alcorn State University
Telephone: 601.877.6188
Fax: 601.877.6389

Lisa Giger
Delta State University
Telephone: 662.846.4035
Fax: 662.846.4025

Robin Pack
Jackson State University
Telephone: 601.979.2015
Fax: 601.979.5856

Judy Spencer
Mississippi State University
Telephone: 662.325.3713
Fax: 662.325.8395

Melanie Freeman
Mississippi University for Women
Telephone: 662.329.7222
Fax: 662.241.7616

Elizabeth Hurssey
Mississippi Valley State University
Telephone: 662.254.3531
Fax: 662.254.3784

Clay Jones
University of Mississippi
Telephone: 662.915.7431
Fax: 662.915.5836

University of Mississippi Medical Center
University of Mississippi Medical Center
Telephone: 601.984.1130
Fax: 601.984.1180

Krystyna Varnado
University of Southern Mississippi
Telephone: 601.266.4050
Fax: 601.266.4541